masculan®, a German branded premium quality condom - with a heart for love all over the world.

You want it all.

Enjoy your life, have fun and be secure at the same time. Then masculan is your brand of choice when it comes to choosing the right condom to have safe sex and incredible exitement at the same time. masculan caters for you who are embracing the joy of sex and want to be responsible and secure against HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases.


Masculan was established in germany in the 80's when HIV/AIDS came to be a threat for the whole world. The philosophy grounded in two main basics: To be price sensitive by still providing superior quality to make your sex life enjoyable and secure while fighting the spread of HIV/AIDS and other known veneral diseases.

Over the years masculan found many friends and is today present in over 57 countries worldwide.

Superior Quality

With permanent investment in research and development masculan nowadays is internationally known for reliability, love and safety. masculan® condoms are produced according to the new production norm EN ISO 4074:2002 and even exceed this standard. We are certified according to ISO 13485:2003, Annex II of Council Directive 93/42/EEC and DIN EN ISO 9001:2000. masculan fulfills highest European standards and is marked with CE-sign.

For safer sex

masculan works with international healthcare professionals, organisations and governments in order to support the promotion of consistent condom use to prevent from HIV and further STI's - trust in love and health.

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